Happiness can be defined many ways. Yesterday, I defined happiness by fulfilling another item from my wish list—to have a brand new DSLR camera.

You're finally mine :) Canon EOS 550D
I bought this at Henry’s Professional (Glorietta 5). I can recommend this store for they sell cheaper DSLR cameras as compared to other mall stores. Henry’s is one of the known stores which originated from the camera haven Hidalgo Street in Quaipo. Initially, I was planning to check out Hidalgo but after reading a few customer feedbacks regarding safety, parking space, and other inconveniences in Quaipo, I realized that I need not to risk myself just to get a bigger bargain. I’m good with the Glorietta branch since it’s nearer from my place.

The pursuit to have this camera was a big achievement. It really taught me how to budget my money real tight. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of cooking. With the absence of a helper in our house in Makati, I’d rather buy food than to prepare a meal especially when I am busy. However, for two weeks, I pushed myself to do groceries, to prepare my food, and to settle with paulit-ulit na pang-ulam (Hotdog three times a day! Hahaha!). And since I am going to the gym anyway, I often skipped eating merienda and other in-between snacks. Plus, I hardly bought anything else unless it is necessary. Whenever there’s a temptatious item at the mall, I immediately go away. I told myself that extra efforts must really be exerted. So now I am so happy, not only for the camera, but also because I have become more disciplined in spending my money.

Roger and Fabio. Haha!
By the way, I named my camera Fabio (which is short for fabulous). He’s a Spanish camera. Haha! It sounds weird but it’s really my habit to give names to priced possessions. And to those who know my former camera, Roger, well, I said goodbye to him already. =( We’ve been through a lot of memorable shots, but now it’s time for him to make another person happy. I gave Roger to my sister for free. When my sister found out that I would give it to her, she was so happy. Well, if she’s happy, I am much happier to make her happy. =)

The first Fabio shot:
Love it <3


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