Happiness can be defined many ways. Yesterday, I defined happiness by fulfilling another item from my wish list—to have a brand new DSLR camera.

You're finally mine :) Canon EOS 550D
I bought this at Henry’s Professional (Glorietta 5). I can recommend this store for they sell cheaper DSLR cameras as compared to other mall stores. Henry’s is one of the known stores which originated from the camera haven Hidalgo Street in Quaipo. Initially, I was planning to check out Hidalgo but after reading a few customer feedbacks regarding safety, parking space, and other inconveniences in Quaipo, I realized that I need not to risk myself just to get a bigger bargain. I’m good with the Glorietta branch since it’s nearer from my place.

The pursuit to have this camera was a big achievement. It really taught me how to budget my money real tight. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of cooking. With the absence of a helper in our house in Makati, I’d rather buy food than to prepare a meal especially when I am busy. However, for two weeks, I pushed myself to do groceries, to prepare my food, and to settle with paulit-ulit na pang-ulam (Hotdog three times a day! Hahaha!). And since I am going to the gym anyway, I often skipped eating merienda and other in-between snacks. Plus, I hardly bought anything else unless it is necessary. Whenever there’s a temptatious item at the mall, I immediately go away. I told myself that extra efforts must really be exerted. So now I am so happy, not only for the camera, but also because I have become more disciplined in spending my money.

Roger and Fabio. Haha!
By the way, I named my camera Fabio (which is short for fabulous). He’s a Spanish camera. Haha! It sounds weird but it’s really my habit to give names to priced possessions. And to those who know my former camera, Roger, well, I said goodbye to him already. =( We’ve been through a lot of memorable shots, but now it’s time for him to make another person happy. I gave Roger to my sister for free. When my sister found out that I would give it to her, she was so happy. Well, if she’s happy, I am much happier to make her happy. =)

The first Fabio shot:
Love it <3


After the Oscar-winning movie, “Slumdog Millionaire,” I hardly heard of any other good film about India. Not until a few days ago though, from a casual conversation with my two workmates, I was informed about the movie “3 Idiots” which they thought suits my comedy. It is a comedy-drama movie released in 2009 directed by Rajkumar Hirani. Now that I have seen as well, I also recommend this to anyone who’s up to appreciate and to applaud other masterpieces aside from Hollywood movies.

Farhan, Rancho, and Ranju [photo source]
Let me start by saying that the movie's running time is 3 hours. Yes, it’s pretty long, but I must say that movie length justified my entertainment very well. This is a story of three college roomies who met at Imperial College of Engineering (ICE). First is Farhan, who was forced to study engineering even though his true passion is in animal photography. Eversince he has been following his dad, setting aside the long-time dream to become a photographer. Next is Ranju, who entered engineering to alleviate his family from poverty. His dad is ill, his mom can’t feed them without being price conscious, and his sister cannot marry anyone due to dowry. Despite Farhan and Ranju’s miseries in the family, Rancho (the main character) has always inspired and helped them to remain optimistic in life. Likewise, Rancho wanted to change the bad system that their school has. ICE is headed by an inconsiderate and terror professor “Virus” (Viru) who only considers one good student—Chatur aka “The Silencer,” a known teacher’s pet. Though Rancho would often be sent out of class and scolded by teachers for his discrete perspective about teaching and learning, he stood by his principles. The movie expressed agreeable thoughts about how teachers must teach and how students must study.

Chatur aka The Silencer [photo source]
This is why five years later, Farhan and Ranju went on a journey to find their long lost friend who suddenly disappeared after graduation. Chatur, who only got high grades from memorizing lectures, informed them that he knows where Rancho is. He joined Farhan and Ranju to see Rancho only because he wants to show off that he became rich and successful already. Back in college, Chatur considered Rancho as his rival and sweared that he will take the last laugh. At the latter part of the journey, Rancho’s college love affair Pia joins them in the journey as well.

The movie was narrated through intermittent flashbacks which I appreciated much for it brought some complexities. Aside from that, I love how the movie kept me wondering until the end on what had happened to the great friend and noble man, Rancho. Unlike many Hollywood films, I must say that Bollywood does it better when it speaks of movie twists or unexpected turnarounds. The only scene that slightly bored me though is the dance musical part. It’s like one of the old school Filipino movies where girls and boys dance along the beach while they sing with such bad lyrics. I am not sure if it is an Indian trademark to have such dances (because "Slumdog Millionaire" even has it too). The dance parts were just wayyy too long! And thanks to these Indian songs (1, 2), they still resonate in my ears and I unconsciously hum them repeatedly. Haha.

You can start watching the film here. (with English subtitles)


Without cheating, how many flags can you name? :)


These are flags of Spanish-speaking countries by the way. For the past days at work, I've noticed how Spanish from Spain is different from the Spanish of other Spanish-speaking countries. When I start Goog-ling about the variations, I realized that somehow I've just started learning Spanish. There's still too much to be learned.


Dear future man, 

If it isn’t too much to ask, when will we finally meet up?

Not that I am getting tired of waiting. It’s just that, life is slowly getting sad as it goes by without you. As you can see, I’ve always wanted all my life to be with you. I know, and I have faith that you've been pouring efforts finding your way towards me. But you know what, my future man? You’ve been missing a lot in my life already. Why are you taking so long? How I wish you were there when I cried out of loneliness while eating alone at the mall. How I wish you were there when strong typhoon came and I had to drench myself under the rain. I went home sick with nobody to take care of me. How I wish you were there during that boring weekend when everyone turned me down in watching the movie that I was so excited to see. How I wish you were there when I heard mass and told God that I want to die because I find no meaning in my life. After praying, I kind of recovered and told myself that I will still wait for you.

Meet me at the usual place, my future man. It’s called the Single’s Lane. That’s where I hang around most of the time. That’s the place for all single women who are patiently waiting for their beloved man to come. That’s where girls take time to read books about happily ever afters and believe that one day, the right man will come to pick up their books to tell them that fairy tales do come true. Also, that’s where hopeful women sit over coffee to talk about their ideal man. Of course my future man, I have already mentioned you to my girls. I’ve always described you as that guy whom I will marry and grow old with for the rest of my life. Truly, I want to proudly introduce you to them. More so, I cannot wait any longer to hug and kiss you once you get to my doorstep. Can you imagine our happiness once once we finally find each other?

If you’re still not familiar with Single’s Lane, the place is right across Pain Street where you would probably hear a lot of women crying over bad breakups and other miseries. At times when I momentarily get tired of waiting for you, I jump across that path to hang out with a few guys who, at the end, have just caused me pains. Suddenly I realized that the only reason why I went there was because I was hoping to see you. But now I know that you won’t stop by there. I realized that you are the right guy who will never make me cry, who will never break up with me, and who will love me for the rest of our lives.

Sometimes I could not help but stare at happy couples. I try to avoid them though, simply because they always put me into too much enviness. But I know that someday, I’ll say goodbye to bitterness. I’ll try my best to remain emotionally strong for you. No fret, my future man, I will keep on waiting for you.

Your future woman 


Dentro espero, fuera lo mismo
Por: Shelly

De lejos, intento buscar a alguien
Abriendo la casualidad de ver alguna cara que me suena
Justo como las dos puertas abren al azar
Al entrar, siempre deseo ver
Tan alto como tú eres
Tan calmado como solías
Nadie más exhala tan profundo como tu pecho
Mis ojos rodean, buscando y esperando
Para tus ojos tan tristes
Las pestañas más largas entre todo he visto
Pero envuelta con lágrimas
Toda remojada hasta sus folículas

Desde la estación hasta dentro del metro
Todos los días, espero que estés allí
A veces, asumo lo imposible
Con mi mala vista, comprobando si serías
Pero no fuiste, todavía no te he encontrado
La verdad es que cualquiera se piensa
Se reflejan a través de las acciones
Sigo adelante del metro, pero menos adelante dentro de mi corazón
Como una estúpida, o alguien que está perdida
Sigo esperando entre la gente
Esos millones por lo tanto extranjeros todos
Que uno de ellos es tú en el metro


Sa totoo lang, hindi ako parokyana ng gym. Mas gusto ko pang mag-outdoor exercises tulad ng pagte-tennis at pagjo-jogging. Inaantok ako sa gym. Para bang kulob na kulob yung lugar at limitado ang galaw. Mas gusto ko kasi yung pinagpapawisan sa ilalim ng haring araw na ang hangganan ng takbuhan ay sukdulan. Oo, ako na ang negrita. Pakialam ba nila? May balat naman silang pwede nilang pansinin di ba? Haha!

Pero nang malaman kong may sariling gym pala ang company ko, medyo nawala ang pagkaantok ko sa salitang gym. Haha. Sayang naman kako. Libre na nga, eh di dapat pakinabangan. Nagsimula akong mag-gym two weeks ago. Nang yayain ako ng girl workmates kong mag-gym, hindi na ko pumalag. Dalawa hanggang tatlong beses ako mag-gym sa isang linggo. Bagama’t nandun pa rin ang pagka-bored ko sa pag-ggym, natutuwa na lang ako sa mga obserbasyon ko habang nag-eexercise.

Gasgas na siguro ang katagang, “bading lang ang nag-ggym.” Proven na yan. Sabi nga ng isang kaibigan, mas uso na daw ngayon ang bading na may muscles kaysa yung bading na pa-girl. Kaya tatantanan ko na ang mga bading na nag-ggym. Maiba naman ako.  Bukod sa kanila, napansin kong maraming nag-ggym na tibo sa gym namin. Although may mga straight-looking girls naman akong nakikita, mas frequent at consistent mag-gym ang mga tiburcia.

Kahapon, pagkatapos kong gumamit ng elliptical trainer, pumunta ako sa treadmill area. Bale tatlo ang gumaganang treadmill na pambabae sa amin. Unfortunately, okupado lahat nung time na yun. Habang naghihintay, tinitignan ko ang mga gumagamit ng treadmill. Napakunot na lang ang noo sa pag-aakalang may isang naligaw sa treadmill na pambabae. Paparinggan ko sana na may treadmill for guys. Aba, buti na lang napigilan ko ang prangka kong bibig dahil ang inakala kong si “koya” ay isang “atey” pala! Haha. Posturang lalaki talaga siya: naka-parang-pinunit-lang sleeveless shirt, naka-basketball shorts, with matching Bieber-like hair na ang sarap i-clip dahil lagi rin lang nya hinahawi pakanan. So anyway, nang mabakante ang isang treadmill, tumuntong na ko’t nag-set ng 30 minutes. Sige pa rin sa pagtakbo si atey. Maya-maya, sabay na kaming tumatakbo sa parehong bilis. Dahil nakaharap kami sa isang higanteng salamin, di ko lang talaga maiwasang mapansin na walang buma-bounce bounce sa dibdib nya. Flat kung flat. Haha. Di ko mapigil yung tawa ko at nahiya din bigla ang dibdib ko kaya nag-speed walking na lang ako. After 10 minutes, may pumalit sa isang treadmill at tignan mo nga naman ang tadhana, tiburcia din yung nag-treadmill. Namangha lang ako kay atey number 2 dahil wala siyang warm up na nalalaman sa treadmill—takbo agad. Mukhang malakas talaga ang katawan nya dahil sa pagkaka-alala ko, siya yung natatanging babae na gumamit ng cable crossover machine last week. Never ko pang na-try yung machine na yun. Bukod sa bawal mabanat ng sobra ang tiyan ko (dahil sa gall bladder operation ko), feeling ko tatawanan lang ako ng mga lalaki dun. Panlalaki talaga ang equipment na ito sa mata ng marami.

Di pa ako nakakakita ng hardcore tibong sumasali sa amin sa gym dance classes. Di pa ko nakaka-witness ng mga tibong gumagamit ng step benches o exercise balls. Ikaw, nakakita ka na ba? Kung aakalain ko mang sasali sila, baka lalapit lang sila sa mga babaeng jowa nila na nasa dance class. Actually nung nagtagal, kumonti na rin yung nagda-dance class na straight-looking girls sa gym namin. Siguro dala na rin ng hirap sa pagpapa-pawis sa gym. Mas maraming matitiyagang tibo sa loob ng gym sa kagustuhan nilang ma-achieve ang muscles to kill. Mas gusto talaga nila ang masculine-like activities tulad ng pag-ggym dahil baka yun ang nagpapatibay sa pagkakakilala nila sa sarili nila. Kung di man pagtibayin ng lipunan ang katauhan nila, sila na lang ang nagpapatibay nito. Nirerespeto ko naman ang pagpapatibay na ito, mapa-bading man o tomboy.

Kanya-kanya lang yan ng trip. 


photo from: www.zazzle.com
I could have taken Information Technology or any other computer-related course in college but one major factor fully dragged me away from it—I hate math.

How I love web designing and software troubleshooting but when it comes to programming sequence which involves computation and formula, I skip it. Honestly, I hardly got a line of 8 from my math subjects in high school. At the verge of flunking, I begged for help from a good friend (Kaycee) who was the class math genius and now a CPA at SGV & Co. I just didn’t get it how high school math seemed like eating peanuts for her while I dumbly scratched my head over math questions. This was why when we submitted college entrance forms, I didn’t think twice anymore between Journalism and Information Technology as a course. I had this funny notion that Journalism has lesser math and therefore I can survive college.

But now I realized that even if I took up Journalism, there is no complete escape from math. Of course I had minor math subjects in college like Algebra, Banking and Finance, and Statistics. I also had to do charting and tabulation in our thesis. After graduation, I began dealing with grown-up errands like computing internet bills, budgeting house expenses, and getting discounts at the mall. All of them require at least the basic math. Sometimes, I even have to compute manually (which I totally hate). A dumb incident: I recently told my workmate that my birthday is November 29, and then he said that his is a week before it. So okay, my brain told me to just subtract 7 to get his birth date. But because I am too uncautious with math, I answered November 27 instead of November 22. LOL.

Two days ago, I was totally freaking out with regard to the huge tax deductions from my pay slip. Somehow I felt demotivated during that time. People work hard to get a salary, only to realize that a big part of it goes to paying taxes. I know that taxes are meant to improve and fund government projects nevertheless I cannot see where my taxes go. As far as I know, to date, The Philippines belongs to the 10 most corrupt countries in Asia. It's infuriating to know that my taxes just go to the pockets of corrupt officials. So anyway, a workmate suggested that I can check if proper amout of taxes were deducted from my salary. With such moderate voice, he explained that tax deduction depends on monthly taxable income, civil status, number of dependents, blah blah blah… I wanted to compute it, but I cannot do it. My brain simply stopped from understanding the moment it heard numbers. Haha. I know to myself that I used to know how to compute it (props to Taxation class) but now it’s a shame that I have forgotten it.

Meanwhile, I met with my Spanish friends earlier and while we were eating, we talked about company benefits in general. These include SSS loans, GSIS loans, Pag-ibig loans, etc. I have never used them for the past three years. Honestly, I hardly know how these benefits go. All I know is that these contributions are also part of the deductions from my monthly salary. Maybe I am taking these for granted because again, it involves math. Haha. When my friend Patty mentioned words like dividend, percentage of total SSS contribution, provident fund, etc., my interest was chomped by the heavy math-related terms. Even so, in a way she had convinced me to know more about it. She made me realize that company benefits are truly worth the know. 

I hope to find my way towards Math. Well, I am not dealing anymore with the tangent of whatever or the least common denominator of something. I just want to do the Math at least for the sake of sufficing my personal needs. How I wish Math can be that easy.


"Saturday ka ba?
       Kasi Friday ako eh,
       ...at ikaw ang kinabukasan ko!" ;p


Sa halip na matawa o ma-kornihan sa quote na to, kinilig ako! Actually, kagabi pa ko kinikilig. Haha! Hindi maalis-alis ang mga bituin sa mata ko mula sa mga pangyayaring sadyang nakaka-kilig.

Kailangan yata akong basagan ng bote sa ulo para matauhan. Masyado lang siguro ako natuwa. 



Put the volume up and listen to this. Dance if you want to. =D Enjoy! 

It's one of my most-played MP3s for the past days. My sister sent me this song last week and yet until now, the song feels so brand new. Everyday I isolate myself from the whole world as I put on my earphones to listen to this club song.

This is my kind of music. I love house, trance, and other club songs. Even though some people find them too noisy, as for me, these are the songs that keep me going. Funnily, I consider these as feel-good songs because it brings back not-so-long-ago memories of getting too drunk and partying until dawn. They are so fun to remember. I must have co-authored Kwentong Lasing because I have all sorts of drunken stories to tell. 

However, it seems like my drunken stories had come an age. Honestly I cannot remember anymore the last time I got drunk this year. I seldom drink already. Not that I am banning myself. Perhaps it has something to do with my current lifestyle instead. Since I only have Saturdays and Sundays as my free time now, I realized that there are other more worthwhile things to spend during weekends aside from getting drunk. I appreciate now the softness of my bed, the hugeness of my TV, the sweetness of doing nothing, and the inexchangeable delight of bonding with family. Before, I used to spend weekends still with workmates or other friends who (most of them) are hardcore drinkers. Either we go to the bar, dance, get drunk or stay at one’s home, sing videoke, get drunk. Either way, getting drunk was involved. Nights accompanied with beer and lovable friends are awesome. It’s just that the next day, you have to be accompanied by hangover too. Even though somehow I have “mastered” to feel less drunk and not to pass out no matter how many bottles I have taken, I must say that I have never escaped from hangover. Perhaps hangover was invented to give a hard-hitting realization to man that drinking comes with responsibility.

They say that most people drink to forget problems. Maybe that’s also why I don’t drink lately. It’s because I have learned already the act of absorbing problems no matter how painful they are. I cry to lessen the pain. I pray to ease the pain. Even though some of my problems remain unresolved, I just feel them, until I reach to a point that I get used to the pain. Before, I was too scared to get hurt. I drink to forget. But now I realized that drinking is just a mere escape. One person may enjoy one night, drunk and happy, but after that, the problems go back.

Yesterday I told myself that once I buy my own car, this “Party Rock Anthem” song will be the first song to be played while I’m driving. I cannot help but imagine how loud this song can go in an automobile stereo. Mom has never trusted me as a car driver though. She always thinks that I will just end up crashing any car. Well I can’t blame her. She got used to my “drunk” image.  But who knows, with the way my maturity goes, she might change the impression already.


Madalas, kapag may mga bagay na hindi ko masabi nang literal, isinusulat ko na lang. Kapag di rin ako maintindihan ng iba, idinadaan ko na lang sa pakikipag-usap sa post-it notes ko.